HJF Single Sign-on Password Reset (SSPR)

Forgot your password? Lets get you back in action. It's as easy as Remember, Enroll, Reset.

Remember your HJF UPN

If your name is Jane Doe, this probably looks like JDoe@ad.hjf.org It is not your email address.


Enroll in SSPR here with your UPN here. Do not use your email address.


Reset your password when you forget, or when it expires here.

What is a UPN?

UPN stands for User-Principal-Name, and despite being formatted similarly to an email address, it is actually an attribute that identifies your username and network in a mail address format. Your username is followed by the “@ symbol” and then the active directory domain name. It is important that you remember to include the domain "ad.hjf.org", so that your UPN looks like username@ad.hjf.org. Your email address may be hjf.org, hivresearch.org, cpdr.org, or any other mail domain that we currently host, but your UPN will always be “ username@ad.hjf.org”. In a future update, we will align email addresses to user principal names to simplify single sign on processes.

What is my username?

Generally speaking, it is your first initial and your last name. This is the username Windows users log into their computer with. Mac users will find this in their Nomad Client.

Special cases: If your username conflicted during AD migration/domain collapse, or if this combination was already in use when you onboarded, your middle inital was added. Our Jane Alice Doe example from before may have the username JADoe, and the UPN JADoe@ad.hjf.org

If you are not sure what your username or UPN is, call the IT Help Desk: 240-694-4010

How do I Enroll in SSPR?

Enroll here. You will be taken to a Microsoft webpage where you must enter your UPN, not your email address. You can find more information in this handy guide or watch the video below.

How do I use self-service reset?

You can find the Microsoft self service reset page here. Here's a guide documenting how to use the reset service.


Help! I still can't figure out my username or UPN!

Call the IT Help Desk: 240-694-4010

What is my UPN?

With a few special cases excepted, your UPN is your first initial, your last name and "@ad.hjf.org". It is not your email address, despite what the form says.

What is SSPR?

SSPR stands for Single Sign-on Password Reset. Since there are a lot of different systems using this sign-on, any changes need to be communicated to them at the same time. We use a Microsoft product to do this. You will be directed to the vendor's website to enroll or use this service.